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Friday, August 20, 2010

I Have been MIA

Hey everyone. I am sorry I haven't posted a new recipe for a while. My sister came to visit, and we were go go go! We did so many touristy things. we just had a blast. but because of the visit and my vacation, I am way behind in my posting. I will post something new soon I promise. in the mean time here are a couple pictures from the visit!

Jennifer and me (Becky)
We were all dressed up to go to karaoke.

Zoey, Zack, Jimi, Ziah, Jennifer, and some stranger kid who was next to them.
This was at the aquarium.

Jimi, Zack, Zoey, Ziah, Jennifer and Duck at the Market.

Zack, Zoey, and Ziah at the Space needle.

Ziah, Jennifer, me, and Zoey at some fountain.

I had to take this picture of Jennifer in the stroller.

This penguin wants me to die. Look at him, he is staring me down....

Me and Duck :)

Hope this holds you over for a little bit!


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